Are you investing in Singapore Real Estate and are ready for what will happen by 2030?

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Singapore has been home to many of us since we were born, and we have definitely noticed the development over the years. If you are interested in investing in Singapore Real Estate and start building an asset other than Shares, Stocks, Bonds, etc. You have come to the right place.

Singapore has already planned the next 40-50 years since 2011. This Concept Plan 2011 is a general planning of strategic land use and transportation plan that guides Singapore‚Äôs development over the next 40-50 years to complement the white paper population of an estimated 6.9m population by 2030.

Singapore Population feb 2017
Updated population 4Q 2016

Looking at the picture above, there is a 1.3% increase in our population year on year. As projected, Singapore has the vision to increase the population to 6m by 2020. Say, if it increases 1.3% every year, we will have an increase of 72894 in 2017, followed by 73842 in 2018 and by 2019, we will expect an estimated 5,828,839 population.

Singapore Population growth trend
Singapore Population growth trend

Growth has slowed since 2013, the slowest population growth in Singapore history, which the highest was 5.5% back in 2008. Should Singapore open its gate to increase population, what are the chances of reaching the 6.9m population in 2030? Do we have enough housing to cater to the large population? If prices of Real Estate continues to increase, there will be a lot of people who will not be able to afford their own housing and have to rent. Is it wise to invest in Singapore property thinking of it this way? It is a real investment, unlike the paper value of shares, stocks, etc. It can give rental returns and at the same time fight inflation.