Thank you for visiting my website for building real assets. I am a Singapore property agent/broker and I assist investors and first-time home buyers on investing in Singapore property.

My name is Jackson Pon, an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) staff nurse with National University Hospital (NUH) before I joined the property scene with Fraser Center Point in 2009, starting with my first Project Waterfront Gold at Bedok and after a short year, I had decided to embark on the realtor journey and joined ERA Singapore. Since then, I have assisted numerous investors in increasing their net-worth and value.

I have come to understand that everyone has a different strategy or portfolio, and it should be catered according to their risk level. Every property investment carries some sort of risk and a risk assessment should be carried out prior to determining the type of property to invest.

In Singapore, almost 90% of the buyers take up a mortgage loan for their investment homes. They should take into considerations of the interest rates, monthly repayment, how to use their CPF and the potential rental yield.

Throughout my career, I was once impressed by an elderly man in his 70s who was staying in a 3-room HDB flat. I had found him 2 groups of tenants for his 2 private property. I was very new then and he told me to have faith in my job. He also said to me that he owns 12 condo in his name and relying on rental returns every month. That really inspired me, and I have decided to assist and build a strong relationship with my investors and keep an eye on their portfolio.

There are many buyers who believe in entry and exit period, which I strongly agree but nonetheless, one may not be always correct in their prediction. Thus, a risk assessment will come in handy to determine the choice investment.

Do you have a property in mind to invest in?

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