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Understand Your Prime Period and Loan to Value (LTV)

3 Factors that directly affect LTV

1) Age

2) Income

3) Liabilities

First Property LTV

Max Loan Tenure
– 30 years for HDB
– 35 years for Non HDB

Income-weighted average age Formula
{(Buyer 1 age * gross income) / (Gross income of Buyer 1&2)} + {(Buyer 2 age * gross income) / (Gross income of Buyer 1&2)}


Some people save their first 100k in cash and have the ability to put a downpayment for a condo but are always afraid of a crash coming or being around pessimistic people thinking that whatever has ascended will descend.

They had missed the opportunity and the moment they realised that it would cost them 200k cash instead and continue to hold back, hesitating even if they have saved 200k now. They are just feeling unbelievable and unable to accept the substantial increase in property prices and the huge amount of downpayment they would have to fork out now.

This group of people will feel Envy, Jealousy, Hate (羡慕. 嫉妒, 恨) as they have missed their golden opportunity during their prime years.

So what are the 3 most important factors?

Although this may not apply to everyone but definitely a high percentage group of people will be affected by this 3 factors which will decide what their future lies in.

What you can afford depends on the following:

  • Before we go into the 3 factors, we have to understand what is the maximum Loan to Value (LYV) is 75%, first property and the maximum loan tenure
  • 1) INCOME
    The more income you have will allow you to get a higher loan but are also subjected to the 2 factors below.
  • 2) AGE
    The maximum loan to value

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